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BUNKER48 provides an accessible, full technical & digital service for small and medium-sized businesses. We can maintain and manage all your company's IT needs as well as build websites and creative communications to enable you to share your story.

We believe in keeping IT simple, real and relevant to your business so won't bombard you with baffling jargon. Instead we work with you to develop tailored solutions that will leave you free to run your company, not your technology.

BUNKER48 - connecting you and your business.

What is BUNKER48

Every server that is virtualised saves 7,000 kWh of electricity and four tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

At the heart of BUNKER48 is a firm
commitment to corporate social

responsibility and environmental best
practice, through initiatives at both local
and international levels. To find out how
BUNKER48 can help develop your
company's CSR.

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Research found that 70% of small to medium-sized enterprises were either planning to or are currently deploying Cloud-based IT infrastructures to improve their performance and cut unnecessary costs.

BUNKER48's mission is simple; to provide a clear and comprehensive technical & digital service to small and medium-sized businesses.

As technological advances in communications move at an ever increasing pace, it's easy to see why many SMEs, with no in house IT expertise, get left behind. Words such as digital, technical and cloud computing can often be confusing and as a result IT is 'swept under the carpet', rather than being used as an effective tool to drive a business forward and connect with its key audience.

If you require flexible technical support, a fully managed IT service desk, remotely monitored network infrastructures, cloud based solutions or a complete IT system overhaul, BUNKER48 can offer impartial advice on the best vendor route to choose and design systems tailored to your specific needs.

If you want to share your company's vision and story through digital communications, BUNKER48 can also work with you to utilise the most suitable and cutting edge technology - from the creation, development and build of your website, to mobile and tablet app delivery, social media and SEO.



At BUNKER48 we're totally flexible and can complement your existing team or manage an entire infrastructure. We take pride in effectively meeting all of your IT requirements, whether that's over a single small business server or a multi-platform integration.

Our unique support and stability options are tailored to suit your particular business requirements, including complete service contracts, ad hoc support and consultancy.

BUNKER48 offers specialist advice and support in a number of key areas:

  • Fully functional Service Help Desk with customised SLAs to suit you
  • Complete Microsoft systems support, including active directory, exchange and SQL
  • High availability and security solutions
  • Creative system support on OS X servers, metadata controllers & SAN solutions
  • Cross-platform and directory service integration
  • VMware virtualisation solutions
  • Local, Wide Area Networking, VPN and remote access models
  • Network audits and health checks

We work as 'virtual IT directors', providing recommendations for the implementation and use of technology in line with a client's individual business plan.

In addition, we prepare and implement policies, procedures and standards on the use of information systems. These enable your organisation to follow clearly defined guidelines.

Are you concerned about your current IT road map or lack of one? If limited time and resources are stopping you from developing the shape of your future technology, we can help. What's more, our strong business relationships allow us to negotiate favourable rates on your behalf.

Our solutions not only detect a system failure when it happens but continuous monitoring of your network enables us to discover problems long before they get serious. We then take full responsibility for resolving these issues, saving you time and effort.

Security and system updates, application maintenance and management of back-ups are all included in our managed services.

We will take remote responsibility for your network, servers, desktops and even printers, if required.

With our commitment to service and informal approach, we're like an extra member of your team. We will always go the extra mile to ensure your IT systems are performing at their full capacity.

When you choose to host your infrastructure or servers within the BUNKER48 data centre, you have the assurance of security whilst dispensing with the associated costs of running an on-site infrastructure.

Whether you require rack space and support for a single web-hosting server, or a full rack to relocate your communications room, BUNKER48 can provide a data centre infrastructure to suit your needs. We have built up good working relationships with major technical real estate and data centre providers; including Sentrum, Digital Reality Trust, SSE, Level(3) and Global Switch, which translate into competitive rates for our customers. Rack space can be securely shared or completely independent.


BUNKER48 brings decades of practical experience and a generous dash of straight talking to managing our customers' IT systems. Taking a transparent approach to project management, with clearly defined objectives, goals and budget considerations, we keep the channels of communication with our customers open at all times. Services include:

  • Windows domain, AD & messaging upgrades & migrations
  • Physical & Cloud relocation of systems, data and communications
  • Directory services integration and OSX server deployments

The industry sectors we work within include marketing, media, publishing, recruitment, construction, software houses, exhibitions & events through to training and the public sector.

To underestimate the importance of a well-designed network infrastructure is like building your house on sand. It's vital to choose the right building blocks in any ICT strategy. That means tailored technology and hardware to create your local or wide-area network, bolstered by sturdy support pillars that will provide connection to the Internet, data centre or remote offices.

At BUNKER48 we deliver a bespoke shopping service to find the perfect technology for each individual company, taking into account its size, structure and business requirements.

We can implement and build infrastructure solutions to complement an existing strategy, or start from scratch. Projects might include communications room layout, structured cabling and wireless communications to Windows or OSX-based server architectures.

We support and develop Innovative technologies that reduce costs but increase opportunity and productivity.

But what does public or private Cloud mean to your technical roadmap and business goals? And what are the implications for security and cost?

Virtualisation is a way of running different servers and operating systems on a single piece of hardware. This efficient use of server hardware keeps costs down, increases flexibility and leads to a more environmentally friendly IT practice.

Software as a service (Saas), or software on demand, allows us to access business applications via a web browser, so there's no dependence on location or equipment.

If you would like more details on cloud computing, please contact us.

Business continuity is all about setting up a contingency plan so that you can continue to function in the event of a disaster. What is your exposure to the risks that could stop your business operating effectively? These could be as dramatic as fire or power outage, or simply be a break in your supply chain. We can assess your whole business operation, from communications to document workflow and crisis management. Business continuity is a great way to evaluate your people, processes and information, and plan how to cope with the unexpected.

Disaster recovery is a key role in business continuity and tends to focus on the high availability of IT or technical systems that support your business.

BUNKER48 delivers cost-effective disaster recovery options individually or as part of a wider business continuity project plan. Our technical solutions from colocation of key services, online back-up or simply building resilient communications form part of a sensible plan that can be focused on keeping your business running through any disruption.

Don't wait until it's too late to form a business continuity or disaster recovery plan. Give your systems sanctuary at BUNKER48.

BUNKER48's founding directors have four decades of combined technical experience across a broad range of industry verticals, both public & private sector, from marketing and media to recruitment and corporate acquisition.

Our aim is to provide a more rational approach to technical and IT services, designing systems that are tailored to the specific needs of each individual business. We wont push you down a vendor route or on to a particular technology just to suit a current trend. Our solutions are delivered on the right technology at the right time for your organization.

We create solutions that make accountable differences to your organisation, helping to reduce licensing, infrastructure and in-house support costs.

Depending on your requirements, we can develop and maintain IT infrastructures in-house, on-site or in the Cloud.

Cloud based solutions
Confused as to what exactly 'cloud-based' technology is?

In short, it's a way of taking servers and services off site and transferring them to a secure and accessible external environment. The benefits include a reduction in licensing and support costs and an increase in energy efficiency.

There is a growing range of systems and architecture that could potentially impact on the future decision-making of your organisation. Feel free to contact us to discuss whether cloud-based technical solutions may be right for your business.


We make it our business
to understand yours:
your set-up, your marketplace, your audience.
It's all about finding the right combination
of creativity, marketing and technology to communicate your message

We do more than create and build visually stunning websites we deliver enhanced content to a range of platforms and devices, including web, social, mobile and email. Some have CMS backend while others are built using flash or alternative forms of motion content.

Everything we do is based around making your business message as easily accessible to customers as possible. This means implementing systems to ensure your site is given a prominent position in searches. We can make your content easy to find via any kind of search, targeted viral and/or email campaign, while ensuring that the site is secure and reliably hosted.

Services include:
Website design and development
Cross-media digital publishing
Motion graphics, video and mobile
Social media and buying campaigns
SEO and paid search

We design and build digital communications that are well researched, relevant, often innovative but always inspired.

Our creative and technical teams work side by side from project conception, enabling us to base our communications on the most compatible technology and media platforms. It's never about technology just for the sake of it, but rather ensuring our design is targeted, cutting edge and in a medium that best engages your audience.

Creative offline
Put simply, we produce graphic design solutions from conception to artwork and beyond. Our offline communications support your company message

Our creative offline supports our digital online and is always engaging, targeted and memorable, whether we are building content for brochures, leaflets, booklets, presentations, reports, displays or exhibitions. We pride ourselves in being able to talk to your audience in a way they can relate to.

Some of what we do:
Creative marketing communications
Branding and identity
Art direction
Concept and design
Illustration and high-end retouching
Print handling & project management


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